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Softside Waterbeds

Invest in Your Comfort with a Luxurious Waterbed Mattress or Softside Waterbed Replacement Parts

The time to feel good about the choice you make when purchasing a waterbed mattress is now! With a softside waterbed from Sterling Sleep, a soothing and calming surface ideal for the perfect rest is all yours. Our waterbeds and replacement parts are made of only the highest quality materials with superior construction, so you can rest easy knowing you will sleep on a durable, soothing, and supportive waterbed.

Our beds reflect all of the extremely soft and durable features that Sterling is known for; the result is flexible, comfortable, and high-quality softside waterbeds that set the bar for the industry. Our mattresses and mattress components are manufactured under our flagship American Pacific Plastic Fabricators, and have been since 1987. We have more than 27 years of experience making waterbed mattresses and replacement parts of all varieties. 

Truly in a League of Our Own: The Sterling Sleep Softside Waterbed

Sterling Sleep is one of the largest domestic US producers of waterbeds and waterbed parts. A Sterling Sleep mattress offers sustainability; our softside waterbed covers are completely removable, allowing you to replace the parts and not the mattress. Sleep Green…Renew, Reuse and Recycle with our eco-friendly sleep technology!
If you’ve been shopping around searching for the best softside waterbed for the money, you’ve found it! Sterling Sleep offers everything you need to enjoy the relaxation and support of a soothing waterbed for many comfortable years. Order yours today!

Sterling Sleep 8500 Euro Top Waveless Softside Waterbed Mattress
8500 Euro Top Super Waveless Softside Waterbed
Custom Waterbed
Build your own 8" Fill Depth Softsided Waterbed with Optional Latex or Memory Foam
Pillow Top Waveless Waterbed 8400
8400 Pillow Top Waveless Softside Waterbed
Wave Reduced Plush Top Waterbed Sleep System
8300 Plush Top Waveless Softside Waterbed
Sterling Sleep ER600 Super Waveless Softside Waterbed Mattress
ER600 Super Waveless Softside Mattress
Sterling Sleep ER400 Softside Waveless Waterbed Mattress
ER400 Waveless Softside Mattress
Sterling Sleep Semi-Waveless Softside Waterbed Replacement Mattress
ER9254 Waveless Softside Mattress
Sterling Sleep Softside Waterbed Replacement Mattress with Lumbar Support
ER9256 Super Waveless Softside Mattress
Sterling Sleep Safety Liner Waterbed Replacement Part with 8 inch fill
8.0" fill depth 12 mil contour safety liner
Sterling Sleep - Solid State 325W Deep-Fill Hardside Waterbed Heater325W Hardside Waterbed Heater
Solid-State 325W Deep-Fill Waterbed Heater
170W Softside Waterbed Heater
Solid-State 170W 6"/Mid Fill & Tubes Waterbed Heater
Formula 55 Waterbed Conditioner with Odor Prevention
Sterling 8 oz 1 Yr Water Conditioner
Softside Waterbed Mattress Replacement Part 6621
6621 Waveless Softside Mattress 6 1/4" fill depth
Waterbed Contour Safety Liner Replacement Parts
6.25" fill depth 12 mil contour safety liner
Sterling Sleep Complete Waterbed Fill and Drain Kit
Fill and drain kit
Sterling Sleep Waterbed Mattress Vinyl Adhesive Repair Kit
Vinyl Adhesive Repair Kit
Aloe Vera Quilted Pillow Top Replacement Mattress Cover
Aloe Vera Quilted Pillow Top Zipper Cover
Designer stretch zipper cover washable
Geneva Damask Quilted Pillow Top Zipper Cover
Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Mattress Cover
Geneva Damask Quilted Plush Top Zipper Cover