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Plush Top Mattress

A Quality Plush Top Mattress With Great Value

Bring the comfort of a high quality hotel bed right to your own bedroom.  Our Plush Top Mattresses from the Cameo collection offers great value without sacrificing quality. Fabric is manufactured with a natural antibacterial Aloe Vera treatment, providing the ultimate soft and hygienic plush top mattress. Each bed manufactured by Sterling Sleep is unique as it is sure to provide comfort, warmth and the softest fabric allowing the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

Replaceable Plush Top Sleep System

Sterling Sleep uses the highest-quality, materials to manufacture our plush top mattresses. With a strong commitment to honor the earth, our Cameo innerspring sleep system is assembled using replaceable parts that can be switched out when worn or soiled. Feel confident about you plush top mattress purchase knowing you’re contributing less waste for the environment.

460 Cameo Euro Top Memory Foam Mattress
Cameo 425 Pillow Top Eco Friendly Mattress
425 Cameo Pillow Top Innerspring Mattress
Cameo 420 Plush Top Sustainable Eco Friendly Mattress
420 Cameo Plush Top Innerspring Mattress
Classic 320 Plush Top Firm Mattress
320 Classic Plush Top Innerspring Mattress