Sterling Sleep Systems are Simple to Setup, Firmness-adjustable, Luxuriously Comfortable and Eco-friendly


If you’re in the market for waterbed mattresses, Sterling Sleep is the very best destination for you! We are honored to offer the most durable, beautiful, and high-quality Hardside & Softside waterbeds in the industry, that are manufactured in the USA.

Allow yourself to experience the restful night’s sleep you deserve as you benefit from the utmost in relaxation while stress and tension are soothed away. When your body is well-supported by a mattress that properly conforms to your curves, less pressure will be applied to your joints, your muscles can properly relax, and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. You’ll also wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed, energized, and healthy.

Sterling Sleep is proud to promote quality waterbeds that provide the peaceful rest you deserve. We are the largest manufacturer of quality waterbed mattresses in the United States.  

Sterling has manufactured over 1,000,000 waterbeds since 1987, and uses only the Highest Quality Materials.