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3.5" fill depth 12 mil contour safety liner

Waterbed Liner Replacement
12mil vinyl to fit a 3.5” depth mattress

Your flotation sleep system utilizes a vinyl contour liner as an extra safeguard against unlikely leakage. This contour safety liner surrounds the foam collar and is packaged separately. Spread the contour safety liner out flat inside the foam cavity with the open side facing up. Center the safety liner head to foot and side to side. Open the watermattress fill valve to let air into the mattress so it can be unfolded and so that wrinkles can be removed. A 2nd person is needed to pull out the wrinkles. Place the unfolded watermattress on top of the contour liner. Without changing the alignment, lift open each of the four safety corner pockets so the watermattress corners can be placed inside the contour liner. If a waterbed heater is being used, it must be installed before the contour safety liner and watermattress are installed. Make sure the heater is unplugged.

Recheck for proper alignment of the mattress, foundation and bed frame, be sure all cords are in the proper place and that the bed is exactly where you want it.

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