Euro Top Memory Foam Mattress 675

675 Imperial Euro Top, Choice of Memory Foam or Latex for Each Sleeper

Mattress and Foundation sold separately.
Foundations may be selected at the bottom of the page

The Ultra luxurious feeling of this high profile Euro Top with choice of 50% thicker 3” plush memory foam or 3” firm latex combined with fully foam encased Individual Coil springs, real foam edge support and the added comfort of a removable Euro Top to make this Sustainable Eco friendly modular design a great value.

The 675 Imperial Euro Top offers great value allowing each sleeper to select firmness independently. Choice of 3” Firm Latex or 3” Plush Memory foam for each sleeper, Exceptional comfort with interchangeable replaceable component parts. Our supportive Marshall Individual Coil system conforms to each sleeper’s individual shape better than other spring systems, isolates motion transfer and reduces noise because coils are not wire tied or connected metal to metal. As a result this mattress provides firm support for sleepers of all sizes and shapes better than any other spring system on the market. Increase firmness by exchanging the quilted cover for a stretch cover at any time.

Why Sterling? Better Design, Better Program.

  • Modular construction handcrafted with premium materials
  • Removable, interchangeable replacement parts available separately factory direct on line
  • Improved mattress Hygiene – Our beds come completely apart for proper cleaning
  • Save money and be Eco Friendly when you Double the comfortable service life of your bed by replacing worn or soiled parts
  • Reduce your environmental footprint: renew, reuse, reduce solid waste, replace parts instead complete beds
  • As a Sustainable Product we are considered Eco Friendly by EPA WasteWise

Key Features

  • Split configuration allows personalization on both sides of the bed
  • 3” Latex and 3” Memory foam comfort layers are also available for purchase separately
  • Individual Coil construction provides support by conforming to each sleeper’s size and shape
  • Foam encased Individual Coils reduce motion transfer and noise.
  • Real foam edge support provides a full width edge to edge sleep surface and seating edge support
  • Bed comes completely apart for proper cleaning
  • Cover panels and 1” foam encasement reflex overlay are removable, interchangeable and available for separate purchase
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial, our ALOE VERA fabric treatment makes material hygienic and very soft
  • Double the comfortable service life of your bed by replacing worn or soiled bed parts instead of replacing the complete mattress.
  • Reduce your Environmental Footprint with our Sustainable bed systems: Renew, Reuse, Prevent solid waste

MSRP: $2,274.00
Your Price: $1,108.00
  • Queen = 60x80
  • Plush/Plush 2 Plush Memory Foam Overlays
  • None
Eastern King = 76x80 [Add $219.00]
California King = 72x84 [Add $219.00]
Queen = 60x80
Twin XL = 38x80 [Subtract $366.00]
Choose Bed Firmness for King and Queen Models
Select 3" Plush Memory foam, or Firm Latex Overlays.
Plush/Plush 2 Plush Memory Foam Overlays
Plush/Firm, 1 each, Memory Foam & Latex [Add $0.00]
Firm/Firm, 2 Firm Latex Overlays [Add $0.00]
Choose Bed Firmness, Twin XL Size Only
Plush Memory Foam [Add $0.00]
Firm Latex [Add $0.00]