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600SXE Super Waveless Hardside Water Mattress

Sterling Sleep Super Waveless Hardside Waterbed Mattress 600SXE

    600 Super Waveless Hardside Waterbed Mattress

    The Progressive Rate Spring provides individualized support based on each sleeper's weight, adjusting to each part of your body independent of your partner. PRS also provides extra back support in the lumbar area.

    • Edge Support & Lumbar Support
    • 9.0" fill depth water mattresses
    • Ultra Waveless with additional Back Support
    • Decorative S Class Molded Mattress Top
    • Premium 24 mil Endura III Vinyl, Purple
    • 4 Full Size Sheets 1.5 oz. Fiber
    • 1 layer 1/4" closed cell foam
    • Progressive Rate System Edge and Back Support
    • Fill and Air Vent Valves
    • Black Bottom; "L" Corner Construction
    • Tethered Wave Control System
    • Made in U.S.A
    • PRS: Progressive Rate Spring (US Patent 4,905,331)
    • Vinyl colors may vary, does not change the wave control system
    • 5 year Full Warranty; Lifetime Prorated Warranty

    Sterling Endura III Waterbed PVC

    Sterling Endura III™ waterbed PVC was developed exclusively for Sterling Sleep Systems to meet all recognized performance and health standards established for waterbed vinyl in the US and in the European Community. We certify that Endura III contains less than 75ppm cadmium and meets all recognized limitations regarding heavy metal content.

    In manufacturing, and particularly when manufacturing waterbeds, material quality governs product excellence. No matter how skilled the fabricator a waterbed can be no better than the material it is made from. Endura III is formulated with the finest resins and plasticizers available for the application.  We engineered Endura III to be the best piece of material possible.

    Endura III™ significantly exceeds the California Bureau of home furnishings performance standards. A key indicator of material excellence is low temperature performance “cold crack test” results. Over the last 20 years we learned that low temperature performance is an important indicator of overall material formulation stability, not just a measure of how well the product will survive shipping during winter months. The California Bureau of Home Furnishings standards required waterbed material to pass a –20 F test, we engineered Endura III to exceed –35 degree F. We are not aware of any other waterbed material that equals this standard currently.

    We won’t share the specifics of the Endura III vinyl formulation, however we will tell you, you can’t buy better material for making a durable, long lasting, quality waterbed.

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