Sterling Sleep Systems are Simple to Setup, Firmness-adjustable, Luxuriously Comfortable and Eco-friendly

Sterling Sleep Mattress Technology

True Innovation, Green by Design

Sterling Sleep Systems manufactures mattresses and mattress components under its flagship American Pacific Plastic Fabricators. Established in 1987, the company is a privately-owned domestic contract manufacturing company with 27 years experience making a wide range of specialized products from flexible PVC and urethane film and sheeting, urethane and latex foams and engineered fabrics.

We produce a full line of component-based innerspring and foam mattresses and component-based memory foam and latex luxury mattresses. Our innerspring and foam mattresses with detachable, interchangeable parts incorporate the most advanced technologies. Our Sustainable Component-based design features interchangeable parts to allow replacement of soiled, worn or damaged sections. When you are able to correct a mattress problem with parts rather than an entire mattress, you reduce solid waste and extend the mattress service life. EPA WasteWise considers the reduction of solid waste an environmentally-friendly business practice.

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