Sterling Sleep Systems are Simple to Setup, Firmness-adjustable, Luxuriously Comfortable and Eco-friendly

Sterling Sleep Technology

True Innovation, Green by Design

Sterling Sleep Systems manufactures mattresses and mattress components under its flagship American Pacific Plastic Fabricators. Established in 1987, the company is a privately-owned domestic contract manufacturing company with 27 years experience making a wide range of specialized products from flexible PVC and urethane film and sheeting, urethane and latex foams and engineered fabrics.

We produce a full line of component-based innerspring and foam mattresses and component-based memory foam and latex luxury mattresses. Our innerspring and foam mattresses with detachable, interchangeable parts incorporate the most advanced technologies. Component-based design features interchangeable parts to allow replacement of soiled, worn or damaged sections. When you are able to correct a mattress problem with parts rather than an entire mattress, you reduce solid waste and extend the mattress service life. EPA WasteWise considers the reduction of solid waste an environmentally-friendly business practice.

Cameo & Imperial Bed Technology

Advanced Zipper System

Our advanced count toothed zipper system makes it easy to change individual parts. We pioneered this technology and hold several patents on an original replaceable component mattress system of outstanding comfort and quality.

  Imperial 625

Mattress Outside Technology

Solid hardwood box foundation construction is a standard among all bed models and is available in your choice of 9”, 8” or 4” heights.

Fully foam encased tempered spring assemblies with Real foam edge support that reduces motion between sleepers and provides an edge to edge sleep surface.

Mattress Cover Systems with advanced count tooth zipper are easy to remove, replace or upgrade.

Cover Material is Stretch Knit Aloe Vera-treated 300 gram/meter ticking and is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treated.

All mattress covers fit all models and feature Fire Arrest fire-retardant fiber fill barrier.

Mattress Inside Technology

The Cameo Mattress Collection

Tempered Bonnell Wire-tied spring assembly, used in our Cameo and Concierge Series, is fully foam-encased and feature Real Foam edge support for a complete edge to edge sleep surface and reduced motion transfer.

The Imperial Mattress Collection

Tempered Marshall Individual Coil spring assembly, found in our Imperial Line, is fully foam- encased, with Real Foam edge support. This provides for a superior edge to edge sleep surface. Marshall Coils reduce motion transfer between sleepers, and according to industry experts, are the best all around spring system for distributing support and reducing pressure points, and while more expensive than other types of springs, these are well worth the difference in cost if your budget allows.


Both spring assemblies feature individually wrapped coils that work independently to support superior motion separation.

Interchangeable Foam Overlays

For Cameo & Imperial Mattress Collections

A choice of interchangeable Latex and plush Memory foam Overlays make our sleep systems completely firmness adjustable and upgradeable. Modular construction allows replacement of individual parts, too.

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Sterling Imperial 675