Sterling Sleep Warranty Information

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Consumer Warranty for all Mattress models except flotation.  Limited/Pro-Rated 20 Year Warranty 
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Sterling Sleep Systems Limited 20 Year Warranty

This 20-year warranty is limited to the original buyer only. Repair or replacement of your Sterling Sleep Systems mattress will be made at our option during the first 10 years of ownership measured from date of sale. We will either send replacement parts, or replace your defective mattress if the cause of product failure is related to materials or workmanship in our opinion after inspection. It is the owner’s responsibility to return the defective parts freight prepaid with proof of purchase to the factory. Freight costs are not covered by warranty.

Replacement during the prorated portion of the warranty will be calculated at 50% of the current suggested retail price at the time of return + Shipping.

This warranty does not apply if the defect is a result of customer damage or if the mattress is abnormally soiled or unsanitary. Normal wear and tear including softening or discoloration of the foam or a change in the recovery rate of the memory foam is normal and not covered. Mattresses must be used with our foundations and with a rigid bed frame system that provides center support or the warranty does not apply.

For warranty purposes each component is measured separately. This warranty covers permanent body impressions in the foam overlays, foam cores, or foam encased spring components that are 1″ or greater in depth, exclusive of sag in the box foundation or compression of the cover quilting materials. Mattress covers are warranted for 90 days for body impressions &  2 years against sewing and zipper related defects. Normal wear and tear including body contouring of the cover panel is specifically excluded.

Freight costs are not covered by this warranty and will be added to any prorated cost if they apply. You must provide us with a copy of the original receipt with your claim. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may have other rights that vary from state to state.

Warranty: Softside & Hardside Waterbeds

Softside & Hardside 20 Year Limited, Prorated Warranty

This warranty applies to defects in workmanship or materials for the original purchaser only. Sterling will repair or replace, at its option the parts found to be defective, exclusice of transportation costs. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the defective component prior to making a warranty determination. It is the owner's responsibility to return the defective component prepaid with proof of purchase.

Product replacement after the full portion of the warranty will cost the consumer 65% of retail price at time of return.

If identical materials are not available at time of product service, Sterling reserves the right to substitute materials of equal or better quality. Warranty does not apply to subsequent damages.

Warranty Schedule

Soft-Side & Hardside Mattresses

Full Coverage   

Prorated Period

Cost to Replace
% of suggested retail at time of return

"S" Class Mattress

5 years

Lifetime Limited


Original Sterling Mattress

4 years

16 years


Parkline Mattress

3 years

17 years


3.5" Tubes

2 Years

18 Years


Foam Perimeter

3 years

17 years


Box Foundation

3 years

17 years


Quilting Mattress Top Panel

1st 90 days

Balance of 20 years



Warranty will apply only when your floatation sleep system is used with:

  • An approved, properly supported bed frame.
  • An approved pin hole free safety liner, constructed of at least eight (8) gauge or heavier vinyl, must be installed so the liner reaches the top of the perimeter and is capable of holding the entire contents of the water mattress.
  • Sterling Water Conditioner or equivalent to preserve the interior of the vinyl mattress
  • An approved and properly installed Flotation Sleep System Heater to control condensation and mildew. For proper installation instructions, see the heater manufacturer's instructions.


Items not covered by warranty:

  • Mattress covers are warranted for 90 days for body impressions &  2 years against sewing and zipper related defects.
  • Body impressions.
  • Customer abuse and improper care.
  • Soiled, stained or burned bedding. Sanitation laws prohibit return of bedding that is not hygienically clean. These items will not be accepted for repair or return regardless of any other claimed defects.
  • Freight costs.
  • Service charges to remove or install the bed.
  • Subsequent damages.


Warranty Voided for Misuse:

  • This warranty is void in case of any damage to the mattress resulting from improper installation, unauthorized repairs, improper accessories, or abuse.

Cleaning Instructions

For Removable Aloe Vera and Damask quilted cover panels.

For spot removal, use a sponge with mild, soapy, warm water.  Do not use cleaning solvents, commercial cleaners or over saturate the mattress cover.  Remove solution with a clean, damp, soft cloth.


This product has been manufactured with fire retardant materials.  Professional dry-cleaning may reduce the fire retardant qualities of this product.


For Aloe Vera Designer stretch covers that are not quilted:

Use mild soap, machine wash, gentle cycle, not to exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No bleach. Tumble dry low.  Iron low temp if needed. Can be dry-cleaned, no trichloroethylene.