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Sterling Sleep System’s Modular Eco Friendly Mattresses are Chosen As a Component in WATG’s Sustainable Suite Design Competition Entry

Garden Grove, CA
– December 15, 2009 – The leading manufacturer of sustainable modular mattress, Sterling Sleep Systems, is has been chosen by a major design firms WATG and IDEO as the mattress of choice in their Sustainable Suite Design Competition entry.

The Sustainable Suite Design Competition is sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council, American Society of Interior Designers, and the Hospitality Industry Network with the goal of helping drive sustainable design practices within the hotel industry. Sterling applauds this effort which will ultimately educate hotel guests on opportunities to implement green practices at home.

Design firms were invited to enter the contest and showcase their best hospitality interior design strategies that boast environmental responsibility and enhance the guest experience. Given the goal of the contest, Sterling Sleep System’s modular mattresses are the perfect choice. Sterling takes pride in providing guest with the best sleep experience available as well as it’s waste reducing modular component systems which allows hoteliers to take responsibility by lowering their solid waste impact.

The Sustainable Suite Design Competition is based on the LEED Green Building Rating System. Sterling Sleep System’s patented modular mattress design will gain LEED points for the designer by meeting two design elements mandatory for all submissions: recycling programs, furniture.

To ensure impartiality of the winning design, participants could not solicit monetary donations, but rather had to submit a list of in-kind product contributions from sponsors, Sterling Sleep Systems being one of the participating sponsors. Industry professionals and design practitioners chosen by USGBC, ASID and NEWH comprised the panel of judges.

The winning design from WATG IDEO and will be unveiled at the HDExpo in Las Vegas, NV in May of 2010. The Sterling Sleep System’s team is honored to be a part of such a great effort and would like to congratulate the WATG and IDEO teams on their winning designs!

About Sterling Sleep Systems
Sterling Sleep Systems makes mattresses and mattress components under its flagship American Pacific Plastic Fabricators. Established in 1987, the company is a privately-owned domestic manufacturing company with 20 years experience making a wide range of specialized products. These products are used in medical, military, aerospace and consumer industries. Sterling/APPF, Inc. has a strong track record in product innovation and development. Sterling Sleep Systems holds several U.S. patents supporting exclusive design features of our various products.
With an emphasis on environmentally-friendly, private-label hospitality industry beds, our Orange County- based company operates a modern 65,000 square foot facility in Garden Grove, California. Sterling Sleep Systems firmly believes we best serve you by best serving the requirements of your guests first. Visit us at