Sterling Sleep Systems are Simple to Setup, Firmness-adjustable, Luxuriously Comfortable and Eco-friendly

About Sterling Sleep

Sterling Sleep Systems makes mattresses and mattress components under its flagship American Pacific Plastic Fabricators. Established in 1987, the company is a privately-owned domestic manufacturing company with 25 years experience making a wide range of specialized products. These products are used in medical, military, aerospace and consumer industries. Sterling/APPF, Inc. has a strong track record in product innovation and development. With an emphasis on environmentally-friendly, private-label hospitality industry beds, our Orange County- based company operates a modern 53,000 square foot facility in Garden Grove, California.

Today we produce a full line of component-based innerspring and foam mattresses and component-based memory foam and latex luxury mattresses. Our innerspring and foam mattresses with detachable, interchangeable parts incorporate the most advanced technologies available.

Our products are shipped to over 30 countries with our principal customer bases in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the US. As far back as 1998, we were named "Manufacturer of the Year" by our industry.

Sterling Sleep Systems leads the industry in innovation with several U.S. patents supporting exclusive design features of our various products.


Sterling Sleep Systems in the News:

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