Sterling Sleep Systems are Simple to Setup, Firmness-adjustable, Luxuriously Comfortable and Eco-friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I purchase replacement mattress parts?
A. Contact the Sterling Sleep Systems sales department direct over the phone @ (714) 891-3191 or on line at Interchangeable replacement parts will be shipped the next business day via UPS.

Q. What is the Sterling Upgrade Path and what are the advantages for me?
A. Our sleep collection is designed to provide you with the most flexible options in beds today. Individual interchangeable components allow overall upgrades to existing beds. When it is time to upgrade the sleep experience, simply upgrade the bed components. By adding comfort and memory foam layers you can convert any classic level mattress to a more luxurious level without the expense of purchasing a completely new bed. In just a few minutes you can zip on a new layer of luxury with easy-to-use parts kept onsite.

Q. How is it possible to change mattress firmness?
A. -
1 - Change mattress zipper covers to a model with more or less quilting material.
2 - Add or change Plush Memory Foam or Firm Latex overlays. Mattress models without foam overlays can have them added at any time.

Q. Can we buy a mattress like the one in a hotel that we recently stayed at that has Sterling mattresses?
A. Guests may purchase a Sterling Mattress just like the one enjoyed at one of our participating hotels. Mattresses may be purchased directly from the Sterling Sales Department or through  Purchases are prepaid and quoted prices include delivery in most areas of the 48 States. Sales tax applies only to sales delivered in CA and price does not include inside setup or old mattress haul away.

Q. Do you make custom-size mattresses and what are the costs involved?
A. Yes, we make European metric and popular US sizes as well as customer specified custom dimensions. We can manufacture one or 1,000 units and prices are based on materials used and quantity ordered.

Q. Where does Sterling Sleep Systems do the majority of their business?
A. We started as a contract manufacturing company routinely producing other recognized company’s products for national distribution in the US and Europe. Currently, over half of our work involves manufacturing-to-order other company’s merchandise.

Q. How are Sterling Mattresses environmentally-friendly?
A. Our component-based mattress design features interchangeable parts allowing replacement of soiled, worn or damaged sections rather than replacing an entire mattress. When you are able to correct a mattress problem with parts rather than an entire mattress, you reduce solid waste and extend mattress service life. EPA WasteWise considers the reduction of solid waste an environmentally-friendly business practice. For more information, see our EcoWise Design page.